Our abrasive solutions for composites will meet all of your special needs, from cutting and grinding, to deburring, fine finishing and polishing.

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PlaceholderAbrasifs EA is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to composite materials. From fiberglass, concrete and countertops, to industries which include bathtub enclosure fabrication, marine, aviation, automotive, transport, wind turbines and more, this category can encompass a wide range of materials, both natural and man-made. Our abrasives and super abrasives include products for a wide range of applications, whether it's cutting and grinding composite materials, drilling, deburring and finishing rough edges, sanding contoured surfaces and moulds, or polishing composite surfaces to the perfect finish.

With the special abrasive needs of composites and the increased offering of composite materials, it's important to have the correct abrasive for each stage of the process. Our technical experts are here to help you make the correct choices. Contact us for more information on choosing the best abrasives for your needs.


SPlaceholderuperabrasives are grinding, polishing or dressing tools manufactured using diamond or CBN as the abrasive. These tools are able to machine a broad range of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Diamond or CBN abrasive can be held in various bond materials including metal, resinoid, electroplated and vitrified. They have a broad spectrum of applications. Abrasifs EA has a wide range of superabrasives for cutting and grinding hard materials. Different grades allow you to get the results you need to suit your budget and application. To determine which product is right for you, consider what is most important - the cost of the product, or the end result of cost per inch foot of cut. A better quality blade is well suited for large jobs and continual usage. For smaller jobs and occasional cutting, a lower initial cost blade may be the best solution.

Not sure which superabrasives will work best for your applications? Our technical experts would be happy to help you make the correct choices. Contact us for more information on choosing the best abrasives for your needs.


Finishing / Polishing
Polishing Surfaces
TransportDeburring of Edges
Primer Filler Sanding
Finishing / Polishing
Filler Sanding
Primer Filler Sanding
Dust Inclusions Removal
Microfinishing Prior to Polishing
Sanding Out New Parts
Primer Filler Sanding
Finishing / Polishing
Sanding Out
Sanding of Filler
Primer Filler Sanding
Removal of Defects
MarineDeburring the Casting Mould Edge
Deburring Hard-to-Reach Edges
Coarse Sanding of Primer Fillers / Gelcoat
Preparation / Repair of Negative Mould
Polishing of Negative Mould
Removing Osmosis
Flat Grinding of Large Areas
Microfinishing Prior to Polishing
Polishing / Finish for High-Gloss Finish
Wind Power IndustryGrinding Edges After Cutting
Deburring Drilled Holes
Adjusting Drill Holes to Size
Keying of Joints
Sanding Out Defects / Pinholes
Keying / Flat Grinding of Rough Surfaces
Sanding Out Repairs
Flat Grinding / Fine Sanding of Epoxy Filler

Contact us for all of your abrasive needs! We look forward to working with you.