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Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts
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Abrasive Sheets


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Garnet Paper Sheets
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Specialty Abrasives


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Abrasive Accessories


Resin Fibre Pads
PSA Back Up Pads
Hook and Loop Back Up Pads
Quick Change & Conditioning Pads
Cartridge Rolls & Drum Mandrels
Cut Off & Unitized Wheel Mandrels
Abrasifs EA is pleased to offer a complete selection of Coated Abrasives. A coated abrasive is made of abrasive grains that are bonded to a flexible base, such as paper, cloth, vulcanized fibre or plastic film. They are available in a wide range of grit sizes, from very coarse, to ultrafine grains. A variety of grain materials and blends are used to accomplish different abrasive tasks, from heavy stock removal, to very fine sanding and finishing applications.
The grain material used will depend on the surface being worked. Wood, metal and composites will work better with some types and not so well with others. The application will also affect the choice of material, whether it's for sanding, grinding, cleaning, deburring, blending, finishing or polishing the surface being treated. Our technical experts would be happy to help you make the correct choices. Contact Us for more information on choosing the best abrasives for your needs.

Contact us for all of your abrasive needs! We look forward to working with you.