Abrasive Sheets - A/O

Abrasive Sheets - A/O

Open coat Aluminum oxide sheets, to prevent loading. Good for dry sanding of paint, metal and wood.

Silicon Carbide Paper Sheets

S/C Paper Sheets

Silicon carbide sheets available with stearate coating of lubricant that resists loading, or waterproof sheets used wet or dry. For wood, metal and painted surface applications.

Garnet Paper Sheets

Garnet Paper Sheets

Sharp garnet abrasive is open coat for sanding soft woods. Available in finishing paper for fine sanding and cabinet paper for heavier sanding.

Metal Cloth Sheets

Metal Cloth Sheets

Aluminum oxide with flexible, metal cloth backing is good for polishing an deburring.

Hook and Loop Sheets

Hook & Loop Sheets

Aluminum oxide paper sheets with hook and loop backing for use in vibratory or orbital finishing sanders.


Non-Woven Pads

Non-woven material with abrasive grain is for light and aggressive finishing or graining of stainless, depending on the grade.

Sanding Blocks and Pads

Sanding Blocks & Pads

Ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, drywall and metal. Used wet or dry, they are flexible, versatile and easy to hold.

Abrasive sheets are available in paper and metal cloth backings. Finishing paper sheets are open coat, to prevent loading, used for dry sanding paint, metal and wood. Metal cloth sheets are a general purpose flexible sheet for most applications. Metal cloth waterproof sheets are for finishing paints and lacquers. Need help with your selection? Contact Us for expert advice on choosing abrasive sheets.

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