Resin Fibre Pads

Resin Fibre Pads

Available in smooth face and spiral cool face, for use in all grinding and finishing application.

PSA Back Up Pads

PSA Back Up Pads

Used with PSA backed abrasives for orbital sanders. Available with varying hole patterns.

Hook and Loop Back Up Pads

Hook & Loop Back Up Pads

Used for random orbital hook and loop backed abrasives. Replacement conversion PSA pads and interface back up pads are also available.

Quick Change and Conditioning Pads

Quick Change & Conditioning Pads

Locking disc holders for S and R type discs. Surface conditioning pads with long hook design for increased gripping action on surface conditioning discs.

Cartridge Roll and Drum Mandrels

Cartridge Roll & Drum Mandrels

Mandrels with various pilot lengths for use with cartridge rolls. Rubber drum mandrels for use exclusively with spiral bands.

Cut Off and Unitized Wheel Mandrels

Cut Off & Unitized Wheel Mandrels

For use with cut off wheels and unitized wheels. Available in a range of arbour hole sizes.
Coated abrasives are most effective when properly paired with the correct mandrel, backing pads or tools. We have a wide variety of abrasive related accessories to provide the best function for your abrasive application. From backup pads to mandrels and more, our accessories will fit your abrasives perfectly. Need help with your selection? Contact Us for expert advice on choosing abrasive accessories.

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